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The special events that are planned are just wonderful and I love that I can invite my friends.  I really enjoy the variety of entertainers they have on a regular basis.  My heart doctor has even commented that the daily exercise program I participate in at the community has done me good.

The therapy team really pushed me, even on the hard days, they reminded me I was working so I can get back home.

I really felt that the people who work here really care for the residents for whom they are responsible.

Activities and entertainment are posted on a monthly basis so you can look it over and choose what you want to do.  Before moving here, my children were concerned that I was not doing enough. There is so much to do here and they no longer worry. 

I have lived at Prestige Assisted Living at Chico for the last 6 years, and I couldn’t be happier! The staff is so attentive, and the food is excellent! My quality of life has greatly improved since I made the decision to move, and I’m so thankful I made the right choice. I thought I would be losing some of my independence when choosing an Assisted Living, but in fact, Prestige has empowered me to do more.

I love the life enrichment program here, especially the card games and exercise. Thank You Prestige Assisted Living for giving me the comfort, security, and independence that I thought I would never have again. You have made me love life again!

I am writing this testimonial on behalf of my husband and myself to tell about the change that has happened in our life in the last year.   After 60 years of marriage and living on our farm we moved to Prestige Assisted Living.  One would think that this move would be a very hard adjustment for both of us but  that turned out not to be true.

After two weeks, I stopped crying and had no more regrets.  Ed adjusted more easily because of the bond he developed with the community dog, Dexter, almost immediately.  All on his own, Dexter decided that Ed needed his help through a difficult time in Ed’s life.  In deed, Ed did need someone to help him because he was diagnosed with cancer and given weeks to live.  Ed calls Dexter his buddy and they have been inseparable for the last year.  Dexter knows when Ed comes home from treatments that he just wants to sleep so Deter lays next to him in his chair and they talk.  I hear Ed say, “it’s ok Buddy, I’m alright.”

My family and I are convinced that the reason Ed is alive today is due to Dexter’s constant devotion and the way they care for eachother. The staff here are also very caring people and treat everyone like family.  Ed and I feel safe here, especially when we need extra care and help.  Thank you Prestige for your kind care.


"The doctor told me the prognosis was not good and I would most likely need to be placed in a long term care facility. Being partially paralyzed when I first came to Sullivan Park, I could not move my fingers, sit up or talk. I had a feeding tube and felt I was never going to make it home."

"Every complication I faced was met with highly specialized care," she explains, "the type of care that allows dreams to come true, even when the statistics say otherwise."

"I went from being able to do nothing for myself to raising my arms, wiggling my fingers and toes, talking in full sentences, walking with the assistance of a walker and being able to eat without the use of a feeding tube."

"Sullivan Park Care Center has a different attitude from the moment you arrive."

I enjoyed my rehab stay at Sullivan Park. The care staff was great. Anyone can provide care but it’s the people providing it that make the difference. The therapy was upbeat and challenging. We all had a lot of fun – wheelchair racing was entertaining. I look forward to getting my bike out this spring and working in the yard.

For our family Prestige and Expressions has been a blessing.  The caregivers and staff have become an extension of our own family.  More importantly my mother has become fond of certain individuals whom she can rely on when we are not able to be there.  Naturally her care is a top priority, and knowing she is safe, and her health well monitored in our absence, gives us all peace of mind.  

It has been an emotional phase in our lives to be sure, but with the assistance of the "home like" environment Expressions provides, it is an easier hill to climb.  Honestly, I can't imagine my mom living anywhere else!  Thank you for being there for our mother and our family, and all the others who benefit from your love and care.

For my father, Prestige has been a saving grace.  He had an accident and after rehab could no longer live alone.  Prestige Assisted Living at Sierra Vista has given him the ability to feel as though he is still independent, but has the assistance from the staff when needed.  From the beginning they have been very accommodating, helping our family and him make the transition from living alone to having assistance when needed.  We really appreciate the care that Prestige has given our father and we know that he is in a safe environment where they take the time to care for him.  A special thank you to the staff at Prestige in Sierra Vista for the extra care and help that you have shown my father and our family.

I am very happy with everything, the food is great and the staff takes good care of me.  They really care about me and someone is always right there when I need assistance. I don’t have to wait for anything. They bring me coffee every morning at 7:00 am, and my room is clean and everything looks great. I would definitely recommend The Orchards to my friends.

Your staff has created a new world for mom. They are that good. Each one is unique and they fit together like a glove. They are totally professional and everyone’s little girl, which is so important to the residents. They are proficient and totally loving at the same time. They handle anything. It is obvious the resident’s care comes first. My mom feels valued at Prestige Assisted Living at Visalia. It is such a relief to see mom happy, something she has not experienced in many many years.

Everyone here is very nice. They worked very closely with me to make sure I was able to achieve my goals and get me back home as quickly as possible.  The therapy team was great!

The staff here at Sunnyside have become like family to me.

The physical therapy team was so great and helped my achieve my goal of returning home. Everyone was so nice.”

After I left the hospital I went to Timberview for Rehabilitation where I was treated with a lot of respect and caring.  This is where I would choose to come back to if I ever needed to go to rehabilitation again and I would recommend it to my friends.

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